Ognisko Polskie - the Polish Hearth is a private Members Club with a long and rich history of providing knowledge of Poland and Polish culture in the UK. Find out more about being part of our budding community below.


You do not need to be Polish to join Ognisko Polskie but you are welcome if you have an interest in Poland and Polish culture.

Membership of Ognisko Polskie allows you to be part of a historic club created to promote the welfare of Poles residing in the UK and to encourage knowledge of and access to Polish culture and cultural exchange. Ognisko Polskie provides a vast range of social activities for members to enjoy at discounted rates as well as other benefits in the bar and room hire and access to the members’ rooms.

A Membership Form can be downloaded here: View

Alternatively you can obtain a hard copy in the club office

For any queries or if you need help in completing the application please write to

Standard membership fee £160 pa

Senior rate for those over 68 £80 pa

Junior rate for those under 30 £80 pa

Young people under 25 £40 pa

Our society was founded on encouraging and promoting a wider knowledge of Poland in the United Kingdom. For more information please see our Aims and Rules


There are many ways that you can become more involved in the life of the Club. We welcome volunteers to help us at individual events or by helping to show our visitors around our historic location. Members are encouraged to participate in the development of the Club for future generations.

To find out more about becoming more involved, please write to


Should you wish to donate to the Club or sponsor one of the events that we hold, we would like to hear from you.

To find out more about donations or sponsorship, please write to