The weddings. The family events. The New Years’ celebrations. Easter. Christmas. Sunday meals with “Wójek” and “Ciocia”. Nights at the theatre. We all have beautiful and exciting memories of Ognisko Polskie. This is the place where we can share them together and for generations to come.

In 2017 Ognisko Polskie will be launching its first ever online archive: a database of all our memories over the past seven decades. The new archive will feature film, photographic and textual footage as well as recorded memories of times spent here to create an oral archive.

During this time we are asking Ognisko Polskie members and friends for copies of photographs, letters, video clips, memorabilia (which would be photographed and returned) or any written documents.

The Ognisko Polskie archive will be a wonderful way in which to share our fantastic collective histories and a special gift for future members.

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