Welcome to Ognisko Polskie

Ognisko Polskie was founded in 1939 to maintain the cohesion of the free Polish community in the United Kingdom during the Second World War. Following the war Ognisko Polskie became the centre of social and cultural life for the Polish community in exile. It has served since to provide a home for Poles to meet and build friendships, as a place where Polish culture and history is kept alive and Polish identity and independence maintained.

In the 21st century Ognisko Polskie aims to continue to be a Centre of Polish life in the United Kingdom, where members can maintain and strengthen their relations with each other and the wider community, promote Polish culture through hosting events, supporting education and arts and providing a place where Polish generosity and warmth can be extended to all.

We are pleased to announce that Ognisko Polskie will develop a national Centre of Excellence to initiate, promote, implement and support the activities in the field of Culture and the Arts.

We will hold exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes and seminars both alone or with others. We will gather artists, critics, art lovers, representatives of the academic world and of those working in the cultural sphere both in UK and abroad.

Latest Reviews

  • New Year's Eve 2015

    Date: 31 December 2015

    75 lecie Ogniska Polskiego zakonczylo sie bardzo udanym Sylwestrem. Po przywitaniu z Sylwestrowym koktailem Ogniska w Sali Balowej, przy muzyce fortepianu, 120 gosci zeszlo do slicznie udekorowanej restauracji na wytworna kolacje. 0 21.30 dolaczylo do uroczystosci 30 osob na tance w Sali Balowej. Towarzystwo bylo od dzieci do najstarszych. Szesnascioletnia Panna Julia zaprosila kolezanki angielki ze szkoly aby poznaly polskiego Sylwestra. Z przerwa na obfita loterie byl szampan o polnocy. Po tym byl tradycyjny zurek i goscie sie bawili do drugiej nad ranem. Pozegnali sie odspiewaniem tradycynych piosenek. View

  • The Elixir of Freedom by Michael Moran

    Date: 29 September 2015

    Michael Moran was first posted to Poland shortly after the collapse of communism, and he’s clearly grown deeply attached to the country. Born and raised in Australia, he initially felt a degree of objectivity that Europeans attempting to study Poland might not, and arrived unshackled by any preconceptions or stereotypes about the Poles. It’s interesting then to see how this relative neutrality has matured over the years into a deep fascination with and, it seems, protective love for the country. View

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Next Two Events

  • Lecture Series March: Themersons

    Date: 27 March 2017

    Our new LECTURE SERIES premieres this March with Jasia Reichardt speaking on THE THEMERSONS & THE ART OF TRANSLATION. Some texts cannot be translated, some fail altogether, some give us an idea of the original but suggest something else in the process. Franciszka and Stefan Themerson were significant figures in the Polish and later in the European avant-garde. They made films, she painted, he wrote and they founded one of the most important small presses of its day — Gaberbocchus Press. For the Themersons, the idea of translation was not only possible but also natural, whether from one language into another, from poetry to film, from picture to text. In this short talk Jasia Reichardt will describe/reveal some of the ways in which the Themersons made use of translation. The talk will be in English. Afterwards there will be Q & A with Jasia Reichardt and Nick Wadley, followed by a wine reception. Books and cards by the Themersons will be available for sale. View

  • Enisiej, the Russian minelayer

    Date: 05 April 2017

    The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum and Ognisko Polskie - The Polish Hearth invite you for a talk by Professor George Bailey on Enisiej, the Russian minelayer now a war grave in the Baltic Sea. Please note this talk will be held at the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum and NOT at Ognisko Polskie. View

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