OGNISKO POLSKIE - THE POLISH HEARTH, is home to a range of smaller “clubs”, which are open to both members and guests and that meet informally on a regular basis. These include our “At Home” (Wieczór Towarzyski), the dining club “Table 55”, the Ognisko book club and a student group consisting of Polish Society representatives from a range of universities as well as our upcoming cocktail club. In addition, we have our own resident group, the Ognisko Ensemble, who will be performing regularly at the club.

  • TABLE 55



Kochani członkowie Ogniska i jego sympatycy, z prawdziwą przyjemnością mam zaszczyt zaprosić państwa na Wieczory Towarzyskie w każdą środę, do naszego pięknego Members' Room. Celem naszych spotkań jest miło spędzić czas przy filiżance pysznej kawy lub znakomitej herbatki. Nie mamy ustalonych tematycznie spotkań. Jak na spotkaniu dobrych znajomych tematy do rozmów nasuwają się same. Jeżeli masz swoją ciekawą historię to chetnie również jej posłuchamy. Nie musisz śpieszyć się na wyznaczoną godzinę. Ja czekam na swoich gości od godziny 18.00. Przyjdź, spotkaj interesujących ludzi i zacieśnij prawdziwe przyjaźnie ... Przekonaj się sam, że warto ... Czekam na Ciebie ...


Dear members and friends of Ognisko Polskie, it is my pleasure to invite you to our "At Home" event which takes place every Wednesday in our beautiful Members' Room. The idea behind the evening is to spend a pleasant time over a cup of aromatic coffee or warming tea relaxing with fellow members or friends. As with any meeting of good friends, the evening has no specific theme or subject, but the conversation meanders in its own direction. And you don't have to rush to get to us on time. I'll be here from 6pm onwards, and waiting to meet you, happy to enable you to meet new people and embark on new and interesting friendships. I look forward to seeing you there.



Our dining club meets 3-4 times per annum and features a bespoke menu designed by Jan Woroniecki and his team with exclusive wine and vodka tastings and special after-dinner speakers. Table 55 takes place in either the first-floor ballroom or the second-floor ‘Salonik’ space with pre-drinks in our Members’ Room.

Each meeting seeks to complement tastings with a curated menu and/or the given topic provided by our special guest speaker. Previous speakers have included author, broadcaster, spirits specialist and Chairman of the Vodka judges at the International Spirits Challenge, Ian Wisniewski, and astronaut James D.A. Van Hoften who spoke on his two successful NASA space missions.

Members are welcome to bring guests and to propose speakers or themed evenings. Table 55 aims to bring members and guests together in a more informal setting where numbers are kept to a minimum to encourage discussion and for people to get to know one another. Pre-booking is essential.



In 2018 we will be launching a series of new cocktail events aimed at both our members and private groups, including tasting and mixing classes led by our trained bar staff.



The OGNISKO ENSEMBLE, gave its first concert in 2015 at Ognisko Polskie in London during the 75th anniversary celebrations. It is about to embark on the first year of its residency. Founded and directed by violinist Michał Cwizewicz, the ensemble brings together leading chamber musicians in diverse programmes featuring string and piano ensembles, song and instrumental recitals, as well as collaborating with other artists and groups in the uk and abroad. The Ognisko Ensemble will be performing concerts at the Polish Hearth throughout the year.



We are happy to announce an exciting new development at the club. This is the formation of a Polish student group which meets every 2-3 months with representatives of each of the Polish student societies at the different universities in London and Oxbridge with a view to encouraging younger members to join the Ognisko community and generate a younger representation for our events.

At present we have representatives from the following universities: Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, SOAS, Goldsmiths, King’s College London, Imperial College, LSE and Westminster.

If you are a member of a Polish Society and your group is not currently being represented - please write to to find out more about how you can get involved. All universities are welcome.



In July 2017 we launched our brand new Ognisko Book Club. Run in collaboration with South Kensington Books, Ognisko Book Club explores the joy of discovering new worlds in good books. In the convivial and cosy setting of the Members’ Room we explore both fiction and non-fiction texts (in translation) and our aim is to appreciate and enjoy literature on an eclectic range of interesting topics encompassing both Polish and international authors. Meetings are free of charge and tea, coffee & cake is served. Book Club members will also enjoy a 10% discount on all purchases at South Kensington Books.

Places are limited but if you are interested in attending please leave your name via email at or telephone 0207 589 4670. The club meets monthly and is open to members and guests. Discussion is in English and titles are available to purchase (at discount) at book club meetings.