Portrait of a Soldier

Marianna Bukowski is an independent filmmaker, director, producer and editor, working across documentaries, factual TV programming and TV advertising. 'Portrait of a Soldier' (58min) is an independent documentary film. It tells the story of the bloodiest resistance battle of World War II - the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 - as seen through the experiences of a 17 year old girl soldier.

Portrait of a Soldier is a film about the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – one of the most brutal and bloody battles of WW2 – seen through the experiences of Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, who as a 17 year-old girl fought as an armed soldier in the Polish Home Army, during the 63-day struggle for Warsaw's freedom.

Directed and produced by Marianna Bukowski, Portrait of a Soldier is an independent and self-funded documentary film that took 7 years to complete. The interviews were filmed over several years, during which the director and film’s protagonist developed a strong bond of friendship – resulting in a uniquely moving and personal film.

Portrait of a Soldier is the story of a specific battle, within the context of the Second World War, yet Wanda Traczyk-Stawska's experiences transcend their time – becoming a universal story of anyone young, caught up in an armed conflict.

Portrait of a Soldier premièred on Polish national television in October 2015 and received much acclaim in the Polish press. After the screening, there will be an opportunity to discuss the film with the director, Marianna Bukowski.

Portrait of a Soldier is distributed by Journeyman Pictures and available on iTunes, Amazon, and DVD.

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Date: 31 May 2016

Time: 7:30 p.m.

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