Exhibition of Polish painters: Podlasie Impresions

The main inspiration that artists have in common is the nature — especially, as in this case, the nature of the Podlasie landscape and the diverse population of that region. But nature shown on their pictures is by no means a copy of the landscape they see. It is merely a pretext. In some instances nature is idealized, in others — by invoking old masters — it is a€highly mystic surrealism, some other time it becomes a passionate expression or it approaches abstraction. The subject and the form of paintings cannot be interpreted in one, exclusive and binding way; their role is to take away the onlooker from daily life, daily matters, daily rush. They transfer him/her into different reality, stimulate imagination, lure into a new mood, stir emotions. That is the experience of participation and understanding of the piece of art. The seven artists described beneath mean seven attitudes marked with individual sensitivities, associations and beauty principles. All seven had many solo exhibitions and participated in a number of collective displays both in Poland and abroad. And here are the artists:


Maria Niedźwiedź-Suchońska — her art is a pictorial world stretched between realism and abstraction — full of allusions, signs, admirations and frictions. Her point of reference is the uniqueness of nature and the way how it changes. Her paintings do not register specific situations or subjects; they rather document the author' s impressions. These are the reflections “following the view”. Her creative work is motivated by landscapes, science, music, conversations and many other elements. Uses oil and acryl paints, as well as water colours. Draws with traditional pen and ink.



Stefan Rybi — disciple of professor Aleksander Wels. The world depicted in his paintings immersed in mystery full of symbols and universal rules. He paints family scenes, castles, cities, dreamlike landscapes He paints €gures in dynamic poses full of emotion and expression. His artistic statement articulated by means of a masterly brush is beautiful, re€ned and unique. The artist goes in for easel painting, frescoes, sgra€tto, poster and graphic arts.



Eugeniusz Wiszniewski — a master of precision and an honest interpreter of nature. He transfers to the onlooker the admiration and perseverance in his search for nature's core, its capricious mood and mysterious light . The author has his own favorite colour combinations and constantly looks for new motives. He paints in equally intriguing manner the vivid colourful abstract compositions and the gentle, harmonious still lives illuminated by some kind of an inner brightness.



Michał Janczuk — is an artist whose realistic painting art reveals the unique beauty of given motives. He is a €juggler of light in his paintings of landscapes, pastoral and genre scenes, delicate portraits. He draws on the experience of old masters, improves the painter's techniques, enriches the style creating also abstract pictures. He attaches to his paintings a shade of lyricism and complexity of the world's image. He is the author of numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.



Krzysztof Koniczek — graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan — author of paintings characterized by thick texture, open-handed gesture and sharp expression. A type of vigorous master of ceremony. He is aware of how the contrast, colour, its intensity and proportions interact in between. He uses the texture of canvas for achieving the brightness effect. Most of his works are abstract, dominated by colour, sometimes resembling landscapes.



Tomasz Awdziejczyk — a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in prof. Jerzy Tchórzewski’s class. His work is based, inter alia, on the metaphor of civilization by transposing the Latin word “civitas” — city. The more people in the world, the harder it is to live outside of civilization. Groups of buildings that make up the city come alive. Blink. The city breathes and drills. Buildings take organic forms. Stone and steel constructions soften and twist like a vision of the mind induced by drugs. The imagination of the artist gives them new dimension, but rooted in a real urban prototype.



Waldemar Kaliczak — a painter of concrete things rendered with perfection and reverence. His still lives and portraits presented in delicate half — lights with respect for the details construct the balance of colours and shapes. Sometimes he enters the surrealistic world of illusion — often when the subject of his pictures is inspired by the memories of his childhood. The artist does not improvise but makes the onlooker intrigued by painting small objects in a large scale. He puts his colour spots softly and attracts the onlooker with unpretentiousness, simplicity and mood.


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Date: From 09 February 2015 to 21 February 2015

Time: Opening first day at 6 p.m.

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